About Us

A Note From Our Centre Owners

"When we envisaged Minimee we didn’t have a clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish initially. However, what we did know for sure was what we didn’t want, namely a cold clinical setting and institutionalised learning.  We didn’t want just a day-care but rather a community that was an extension of the children’s homes and families and, for some, a home away from home. We wanted to provide a warm and inviting environment where children are respected and nurtured with open spaces, wooden floors and natural surroundings.... beautiful, but still functional.

We wanted a childcare programme that brought us back the basics that we sought for our own children. Cultural experiences such as music, arts and language combined with a strong community involvement offered positive learning experiences.  Hence, our vision evolved and we have finally carried this dream through to fruition. Our mission is to continue providing an enhanced quality educational and childcare programme to ensure your children feel secure and happy from the very beginning."

Jackie and Lesley



Our Centre Management

Minimee is proud to be managed by ECE Management.  ECE Management provides support and guidance for the centre and centre owners to ensure high quality care and education is maintained within the centre. Pam Cawley from ECE Management Company is our Area Manager.  Pam visits on a regular basis and oversees the general running of the centre. 

Our Centre Supervisor, Claire Perry,  is supporting the team to grow and develop.  Claire has worked in the early childhood sector for over 12 years, in a range of different settings, from administration, educator amoghst all the ECE age groups and currently as manager.  

Working with not only with the children in the centre, but the families as well is of key importance in the Centres philosophy and in our 2013 ERO Review, it was noted that "leaders have developed a culture where relationships between teachers, families and children are the focus".  Claire works alongside the teachers to support your family's induction into the centre, and transparency and relationships are developed and continuously built upon.  If you have any questions during your time at the centre, Claire is more than happy to help.  

Our management team is passionate about creating a community of learners at the centre.  They acknowledge the importance of teachers further developing their skills and knowledge so that they can be the best they can be.  The centre invests deeplyt in professional development for the teaching team. They provide regular in-house and external opportunities for professional development as well as support for teachers who are completing their teacher registration. 



Our Toe Toe Room

This space is for our youngest children here at Minimee - our infants and young toddlers are aged anything from 3 months up to 2 years of age. Our teaching team in the Toe Toe Room is made up of Kiri (head teacher) Rachel and Sarah. Our small group size, carefully selected resources and our gentle and caring teachers are what makes such a high quality room for our under two's.

We hold a 1-4 child to teacher ratio, and try keep the room at no more than 12 babies at a time.

Toe Toe Room Vision

Our goal and vision for teaching and learning is guided by Te Whariki's learning goals and outcomes for the children.  Alongside this curriculum document we embrace inspiring aspects of the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy.

We have created a warm, loving and nurturing space that feels like a home away from home. Where children have the freedom to explore and learn in their own time through play in an inviting, challenging and purposefully set out environment that fulfills and meets each child's individual needs and emergent interests.

As teachers we passionately facilitate learning so that children can grow up as competent and capable learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirirt, secure in their sense of belonging.


Our Koru Room

Our Koru Room is a special learning environment designed to give our toddlers the space and time they need to grow, play and make discoveries. Aged from 2 years up until around 3.5 years allows for real age appropriate learning and development to occure. Our teaching team in the Koru room is made up of Gabi (Head Teacher and Centre 2IC), Maria (Pie), Alice, Harjeet and Karen. In this room, children are given lots of opportunities to further develop their independence and social skills, among many other things, accompanied with much nuturing and support when required.

The Koru room has a 1-6 child to teacher ratio to allow for greater level of care and supervision.

Koru Room Vision 

The Koru Room is an emotionally and physically safe space for learning that is built on respect, love and trust. Here in the Koru Room, we foster children’s independence and nurture a sense of wellbeing and belonging. The children in the Koru Room are confident and capable learners. We encourage each other, listen to each other and support each other. We welcome all children and their families into our room and celebrate each other and the unique characteristics and special qualities we all bring to the Koru Room. Consistency is a very important part of our lives in the Koru Room. We aim to provide consistency between the other rooms at Minimee as well as consistency between the teachers and home life. We acknowledge the importance of communication and listening to each other and the children. We will build respectful and reciprocal relationships with the children and their families as this will provide a solid foundation for the all the learning, development and fun we have in the Koru Room.

Our Nikau Room

      The Nikau Room is the final room in the centre, catering for our children aged around 3.5 to 5 years. Hope (Head Teacher), Kelly, Vicki, Natalie and Nikki, work together in the Nikau Room to provide a fun and stimulating learning environment where children are encouraged to further develop their thinking and explore their working theories at a deeper level.  Research, discussions and group work play a very important role in the success of this room.  

The Nikau Room hold a 1-6 child to teacher ratio to allow for deeper learning and discovery to occure in a well supervised setting.

Nikau Room Vision 

In the Nikau Room we…

• inspire each other.
• make discoveries and enjoy learning together.
• trust each other and respect each other and the environment.
• instill a sense of belonging and we encourage the children to be confident and capable learners.
• celebrate each other’s backgrounds, cultures and strengths.
• encourage the language of children and provide a fun, stimulating and safe environment.
• assist the children in a smooth transition to school by helping them to develop social competence, confidence and an excellent foundation to learning.
• work as a team and acknowledge the importance of learning and growing as teachers, constantly reflecting on our practice.
• are passionate and committed to the high quality education and care of young children.

Our Centre Chef


Our Centre Chef,  Ruth has a wealth of experience in preparing healthy and nutritious meals.  

Our healthy, well balanced menu offers children a wide variety of foods and is based on a four week seasonal rotation system.  Hot lunches such as pasta bakes, fish pie and vegetable stirfry are provided for the children and morning and afternoon tea is made up of a fresh fruit platter with scones, muffins, sandwiches and other home baking.  Our daily menu is displayed in a frame in the front entrance as well as on the parents notice board out the front of the centre for you to see.

If your child has any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please clearly inform the centre on enrolment so that we can ensure your childs needs are catered for appropriately.

If you have any questions about our menu, please see Ruth or Claire.